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Hello loves, long time no blog but don’t worry I didn’t go anywhere. Thank you to all the people that likes, commented and followed my blog!! I’m almost at 50 followers!!!! 😀 I logged onto wordpress today just to check comments and such and I saw that I received a blogger award from ‘BeautyInformer‘. She nominated me for the Sunshine Blogging Award! I was really happy being this is my very first blog award!!!! I also love these awards because it lets readers know more about the blogger. Along with the award comes a list of questions that you answer and that is what I am going to be doing today. I am also going to nominate another lovely lady!! So here we go..

What is the default song you put on when you want to listen to something but don’t feel like choosing?

I usually put on one of my playlist on Spotify.

What do you do when you’re uncomfortable in a social situation?


What subtly obnoxious behavior bothers you most in others?

I hate when people are loud for no reason! Just plain loud , it’s so annoying!!

What article of clothing do you own that you know is stupid but you really like anyway?

My hair bows. To some people they say its for little girls but it adds some type of excitement to my hair 🙂

Do you like typing better or hand writing, and why?

typing because it looks so perfect.

What writer would you like to believe writes in the style that you think in?

Sarah Dessen

Is time alone liberating or depressing?


Have you ever written a letter to someone and never given it to them?

yup, a couple of times

What movie influenced you most, and was that influence psychological, aesthetic, or both?

I don’t really have a movie that has influenced me; I don’t really watch movies much.

The girl I nominate is

Go check out her blog! She is an amazing outfit stylist and I love reading her blog everyday!