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skater skirts
One of my favorite trends this season is def. the skater skirts!! There are so many different styles along with so many different ways to wear them! Since I mostly wear maxi skirts I decided to only purchase one skater skirt to make sure I would wear it. I got a denim one so I could wear it with a lot of outfits. I’ve only worn it two times and I’m still thinking of different outfits I can pair it with. Meanwhile here are some pictures I found while browsing the internet. I love these outfits and I might actually try to re-create some of the looks!
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style header #1
There are so many different styles in the world today and a lot of people have the problem of trying to discover what their style is. A big thing about discovering your style is that you have to stay true to you and make sure you really like what you’re wearing! A lot of people ask me what my style is and it has taken me a long time to figure it out. I did a previous blog post about my style. Feel free to check it out:
I also constantly get asked by my friends to put together their outfits and I would also get asked how they can develop their style. So this post is dedicated to everyone who wants to find and develop their personal style! 🙂
#1: Evaluate your closet. Go through what you already own and decide what you like. Pieces that you keep should have a fit that’s flattering to your body, as well as an overall look that blends with your shape. Throw out or donate anything that fits poorly or that you’re hesitant to wear out of the house. A good rule of the thumb is that if you haven’t worn it for 6 months (barring seasonal items such as sweaters for winter or swimsuits for summer), get rid of it.
#2:Pick out the elements that you like. On the clothes that you do keep, evaluate what exactly it is that makes you like to wear them – such as the cut, the sleeves, the embellishments, or the color. Write down a list of these elements and take it shopping with you later.
#3:Look for inspiration. One way to foster and develop your own style is to find out what looks good on other people. Leaf through magazines or watch TV for trends that catch your eye. If people often compliment you on looking like a certain celebrity, search their name online and see what they wear to compliment their coloring and size. Alternatively, visit crowded places such as malls or downtown sidewalks. Observe what people are wearing, and take note of fashions you like.
#4:Ask for help. If you’re having a hard time finding inspiration, or you worry about having bad taste, ask for an outside opinion. Contact a close friend or family member whose sense of style you admire, and ask him or her what might look good on you. Or, visit a department store or boutique that carries fashions you like and ask a salesperson to help you assemble a stylish look that’s right for you.
#5:Don’t forget shoes. A new pair of shoes can add a different flair to your look. Look for something you can wear often and that fits with the general look you’re trying to achieve.
#6:Go shopping. When you’ve decided what you like, start shopping. You don’t have to replenish your wardrobe all in one go – instead, consider shopping at small intervals, such as every few weeks, until you’ve assembled a closet you like. Visit thrift or consignment stores, malls, outlets, boutiques or department stores, or shop online.
#7:Shop with a friend who is not afraid to offer gentle (but constructive) criticism with you while you shop. This way you, will get an honest opinion of your style.
#8: Accessorize. Punch up your regular look by adding a few interesting accessories.
#9:Change your hairstyle.  True, your hairstyle isn’t part of your clothing, but it can drastically alter how your clothing looks. Try styling your hair a different way in the morning, or see if a new shampoo or product helps it look better. If you’re going to try a radically different cut or color, consult a stylist as to what might look best on you. Find images in magazines or online for inspiration, and take them to your appointment.
#10:Be yourself. The most important thing about your new look should be that it makes you feel great. Creating a personal style is really just wearing what you want. Think more positively and be more constructive and expressive with your ideas and abilities.
  • Wear colors that make you feel happy and pretty. When you feel good in your clothes, you’ll look good in your clothes.
  • Follow the three F’s: flatters, fits, finances.
  • If you’re looking to control your budget, don’t end your search at big-box discount stores. Although they are always lowering prices, you can find even cheaper stuff at second-hand shops.
  • If you want to really be unique, you can make your own clothes and accessories. Of course, this will require skill in sewing, crocheting, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to copy. If you admire someone’s style, borrow ideas from them. Just keep the number of elements you copy to a minimum or you may rub them the wrong way.
  • If you’re a girl, try new makeup. Visit the makeup section of a department store for a complimentary makeover. Tell the makeup artist what you’re interested in, but be willing to accept his/her input; you could be hiding your best features. Be prepared to purchase at least one thing as a thank-you.
  • Have fun clothes with loud prints and cool patterns.
  • Don’t dwell on it if someone copies you. There’s more to you than your style and there’s more to your style than that one aspect. Take it as a compliment and find something new.
Study up on style – I don’t mean memorize the latest trends or even necessarily try to emulate high-fashion looks. I’m talking learning about real STYLE. Look to fashion icons of the past: find photos and videos & examine what they wore and what elements of that style you find appealing. Flip through Vogue and browse  runway photos. Rip out or print whatever YOU really like.
Make mistakes! – Fashion is all about experimentation. Don’t be afraid to wear something crazy if you’re in love with it! In fact, it’s almost better if everyone thinks you’re crazy because that’s how you know you’re original. Even if you really regret wearing something later, remember that all the most famous style icons make fashion mistakes at some point. (If you don’t believe me, check out some old pictures of Nicole Richie! She wasn’t born the fashion trendsetter that she is today!) Making mistakes is part of learning about what works and what doesn’t. Everyone has to go through it, and it will only make you MORE
Follow and skip trends as you please
Look at fabrics, cuts and styles; NOT brand names – You want to look for quality, not for a logo you recognize. 9 times out of 10 the label on your clothing says absolutely nothing about its stylishness anyway.
Never stop developing your style – Throughout your life, your style is going to grow and change. And that’s a good thing! Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get complacent and bored, wearing the same looks over and over. Have fun with your look and don’t be afraid to shake things up whenever you feel the urge!

At the end of the day, developing a unique style is something that I believe everyone who cares about fashion should do. I know it might be more work to find unique pieces and work them your way than it would be to just buy whatever’s new at the mall, but it’s so incredibly worth it. Don’t let a retail store define you: define yourself and show your personality off through what you wear! That’s what REAL fashion is all about anyway. ♡♡♡

I hope that kind of helped! 🙂 I decided to include some outfit pictures for some inspiration!


 6287472162_4df8eeedf8_b Audrina Patridge arrives at the wendy williams show to film in very cute outfit april 21 2011 street style casual dressy 1 beautiful-coool-fashion-girl-hipster-favim-com-427752

Fashion-Trend-The-New-Geek-Chic-Look-4 geek chic 3

girl-hipster-style-bow-tie hipster-fashion-22 hipster-fashion-24_large hipster-fashion-25_large

Picture3-26 tumblr_mdazgg5wp71rhtvwoo1_500 tumblr_mlo60mv6vh1qjhesjo1_500


As many of you all know, I love shopping at thrift stores and wearing vintage clothing. My number one reason that I love for shopping at thrift stores is that I am buying things that really no one else has and if someone does have it, it’s prob not where I live. If you haven’t tried thrifting, you totally should. Here are some things that I picked up today!


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Hello loves, long time no blog but don’t worry I didn’t go anywhere. Thank you to all the people that likes, commented and followed my blog!! I’m almost at 50 followers!!!! 😀 I logged onto wordpress today just to check comments and such and I saw that I received a blogger award from ‘BeautyInformer‘. She nominated me for the Sunshine Blogging Award! I was really happy being this is my very first blog award!!!! I also love these awards because it lets readers know more about the blogger. Along with the award comes a list of questions that you answer and that is what I am going to be doing today. I am also going to nominate another lovely lady!! So here we go..

What is the default song you put on when you want to listen to something but don’t feel like choosing?

I usually put on one of my playlist on Spotify.

What do you do when you’re uncomfortable in a social situation?


What subtly obnoxious behavior bothers you most in others?

I hate when people are loud for no reason! Just plain loud , it’s so annoying!!

What article of clothing do you own that you know is stupid but you really like anyway?

My hair bows. To some people they say its for little girls but it adds some type of excitement to my hair 🙂

Do you like typing better or hand writing, and why?

typing because it looks so perfect.

What writer would you like to believe writes in the style that you think in?

Sarah Dessen

Is time alone liberating or depressing?


Have you ever written a letter to someone and never given it to them?

yup, a couple of times

What movie influenced you most, and was that influence psychological, aesthetic, or both?

I don’t really have a movie that has influenced me; I don’t really watch movies much.

The girl I nominate is

Go check out her blog! She is an amazing outfit stylist and I love reading her blog everyday!



As you all know I love fashion, but I also love doing my hair!! I decided to share a hair review for all you ladies that love sew-ins, clips-ins and all that jazz. This hair that I am reviewing is the Bobbi Boss Yaki Natural Straight. You can find this item online but your beauty supply store may also carry this hair. I used two packs of the hair in the lenghts 20″ and 18″ and I also use some leftover hair from another hair brand in 16″. The color is used is 1B (off black). This hair is pretty good hair. I didn’t seal my wefts and I also cut my wefts so I experienced some shedding. This hair curls very wells and also straighten very well too for a very natural flowy look. I did experience some tangling, but I just used a brush to brush it out. When I wash this hair it will air dry straight unless It was previously curled. If I had curled the hair, brush it out then washed it and let it air dry, it would turn out to be a very pretty wave with a lot of volume and body. I wore this hair for 2 months. I would recommend this hair to anyone who is looking for hair that they will only be using for short term. Therefore if you are looking for hair that will last you 6 months to a year, I suggest getting Virgin hair. Overral the hair was great. I received compliments daily on my hair. Here are a few pictures of the hair.

photo photo photo (2) Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 7.32.59 PM photo (2)


A question that I get a lot of is, “Where do you get your clothes?!” Many people are surprised when I give them the answer that most of my things come from the thrift store. I know a lot of people et uncomfortable about the idea of wearing someone else’s old clothes. I think with a couple of washes, it’s good as new. One reason I love shopping at thrift stores is that I get stuff that only like 2 in a million people will have. Another reason I love thrift stores is that I find cheap alternatives to current trends. For example, high waisted shorts, crop tops, muscle tees, and flannels are in right now. If you go to a popular store, those items can run about $30 an item. If you go to a thrift store you can get all of it for about under $20! I love finding old pairs of jeans and making my own shorts. FInding t-shirt and cutting them into crop tops is another one of my favorite things to do. Thrift shop just come with so many opportunities.

Here is a list of tips I included for when you go thrifting!

1. Google thrift stores in your area: you might find a few small ones besides the normal big ones like Goodwill and Value Village

2. Set a budget: Since the prices are inexpensive, you can set a budget for yourself and make the most out of your money.

3. Wear shorts or  leggings and a t-shirt. You might be trying on clothes so you don’t want to wear anything that will give you trouble.

4. Be willing to look for a long time for stuff

5. Keep your personal style in mind

6. Examine everything for stains, rips and etc.

7. Don’t forget about accessories: The only accessory I would not purchase from a thrift store is earrings.


9. Look up the current trends and see if you can find it much cheaper in the thrift store.

Overral I love shopping at thrift stores.  I would probably pick it over Forever21 any day!!

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NEW GLASSES ♡ via  !!! I was skeptical at first when I heard of this website ( I don’t even remember how I heard of it). This site has hundreds of glasses for you to choose from (prescription and non-prescription). In my case, since I’m basically blind, I have to have prescription glasses. I decided to start wearing glasses again because my contacts have been giving me trouble for the last couple of weeks. I even suffered from “pink eye”. It has horrible! Besides glasses can be an extra accessory to my outfits 😉 I absolutely 100% recommend this website if you’re looking for inexpensive and stylish frames!

tumblr_mnb96nV41o1srqa7mo1_1280 tumblr_mnb96nV41o1srqa7mo2_1280 tumblr_mnb96nV41o1srqa7mo3_1280 tumblr_mnb96nV41o1srqa7mo4_1280 tumblr_mnb96nV41o1srqa7mo5_1280 tumblr_mnb96nV41o1srqa7mo6_1280 tumblr_mnb96nV41o1srqa7mo7_1280