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There are a lot of things that I see on fashion bloggers and I say to myself “OMG I WANT THAT!!!!”. Pretty much that’s how I say it in my head lol. So I have collected a group of thing that I want to get for the fall. The reason I put the fall and not summer is because well for one, it is already a month into summer and quite frankly in the summer I don’t go out a lot so there really is no need for me to go buy a whole new summer wardrobe. Of course when the fall comes, I will be going to school , and I will actually have places to go. It took me awhile to try to figure out what my style is and I am proud to say that I have finally figured it out! I don’t exactly know what to call it so I decided to include a bunch of pictures to describe what I am trying to say. I would say my style is very carefree and casual. Here and there I will dress up but for the most part you’ll always catch me me in a pair of shorts. So below are the things that I will be adding to my fall wardrobe as time comes around! my fashion wishlist (fall 2013)
flannels/ more high waisted shorts/ more bustier tops/ keds/ high waisted pants, bands tees’s & t-shirts/knuckle rings/ high socks/ slacks/beanies/ combat boots/doc martens
Here are pictures that describe what my style is:
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