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As many of you all know, I love shopping at thrift stores and wearing vintage clothing. My number one reason that I love for shopping at thrift stores is that I am buying things that really no one else has and if someone does have it, it’s prob not where I live. If you haven’t tried thrifting, you totally should. Here are some things that I picked up today!


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A question that I get a lot of is, “Where do you get your clothes?!” Many people are surprised when I give them the answer that most of my things come from the thrift store. I know a lot of people et uncomfortable about the idea of wearing someone else’s old clothes. I think with a couple of washes, it’s good as new. One reason I love shopping at thrift stores is that I get stuff that only like 2 in a million people will have. Another reason I love thrift stores is that I find cheap alternatives to current trends. For example, high waisted shorts, crop tops, muscle tees, and flannels are in right now. If you go to a popular store, those items can run about $30 an item. If you go to a thrift store you can get all of it for about under $20! I love finding old pairs of jeans and making my own shorts. FInding t-shirt and cutting them into crop tops is another one of my favorite things to do. Thrift shop just come with so many opportunities.

Here is a list of tips I included for when you go thrifting!

1. Google thrift stores in your area: you might find a few small ones besides the normal big ones like Goodwill and Value Village

2. Set a budget: Since the prices are inexpensive, you can set a budget for yourself and make the most out of your money.

3. Wear shorts or  leggings and a t-shirt. You might be trying on clothes so you don’t want to wear anything that will give you trouble.

4. Be willing to look for a long time for stuff

5. Keep your personal style in mind

6. Examine everything for stains, rips and etc.

7. Don’t forget about accessories: The only accessory I would not purchase from a thrift store is earrings.


9. Look up the current trends and see if you can find it much cheaper in the thrift store.

Overral I love shopping at thrift stores.  I would probably pick it over Forever21 any day!!

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