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I’m really excited to do this interview! I recently discovered JayneDo from my friend Klarke’s instagram/twitter. She had posted a picture from a fashion event with JayneDo and she really caught my eye, so I asked if she had an instagram. From that point on I fell in love. I quickly wanted to know more about her as a person and also about what she does! I decided to do an interview with her and share it with my blog readers because she gave me a loto of tips and personal experience that I want to share! So here we go..

I first asked her to tell more about her self and what she does along with her website.

 I was born Tatyana, but I go by the name “JayneDo” .. when fashion is involved . I am originally from Houston, Texas but I relocate often. I am a business woman, entrepreneur, fashion designer, stylist,blogger,fashion journalist, personal shopper,consultant, magazine contributor and a fashion retail management major that would love to venture into fashion photography once my workload lightens up. I do any and everything that has anything to do with fashion. is a MEGASITE that showcases the talents of fashion personnel worldwide, home to my portfolio, the latest in fashion news and tips, interviews from local talent and celebrities, and much much more. I really wanted to create a fashion-site, that makes you come back time after time .. like a fashion home.

Q:How and why did you decide to do this type of work?
A: Honestly.. It was never anything planned . I think people have certain callings or reasons why they’ve been place on this earth. Fashion is my calling. When I was a young girl, I used to make Barbie doll clothes out of toilet tissue.. paper mâché dresses. I’ve always been a hustler , I used to sell everything I could get my hands on .. It just manifested into what it is today through hard work, being innovative , and staying true to my personal style. Fashion has always been apart of my life, I didn’t just discover it recently and became a stylist . Fashion is my destiny.

Q:What are your job responsibilities?
A:I have so many responsibilities . I design, alter and revamp clothing. With styling and personal shopping, I have to buy clothes, pull pieces, network with designers and study my clients to a science. I have to stay hip to the latest trends and fashion, even if I don’t follow them, I study fashion a lot.. Input together photo shoots, I’m always invited to do press at events .. there is no ending to my responsibilities. I just did all of these things today. lol There’s more, but I don’t think we have enough time for that.

Q:Describe your typical day at work.
A: A typical day is very unpredictable . No sleep is ever involved . This week was very I was a little all over the place. Today I had a photo shoot with the face of my company, Ania of LacedNLamez and also Klarke of KlarkesKloset. We went shopping, I put some looks together and we had a shoot. I’ll most likely be up all night updating my site and constructing more shoots before my busy day tomorrow .

Q:What personal traits and skills are necc. for your job?
A. Patience is most important. Education is vital as well, and I’m not talking the things they teach you in school but the things you learn from life itself. Ambition. Drive. Passion and an eye for fashion. This have to be a field that you were destined to do, not just something you think you will be good at just because you have style.

Q:What type of education and training is required?
A: Honestly, none. Unless you want to do something technical or corporate . No one has ever asked me for a degree or certificate. Fashion roots from talent, there’s no classes for that. I have the talent, I’m just in school now just incase I want to go corporate. I like to keep my options open.

Q:What is the beginning salary range and what are the benefits of your job?
A: Salary varies. Depends on what you do and how well you do it . In this industry you have the option to create your own salary.

Q:What are the basic guidelines when styling someone?
A: I like to get a feel for the persons personality. I’m very observant, so I look for body language, posture .. things like that. After having a conversation with them or listening to them talk, I usually know by then which direction I want to go.

Q:Describe your style

A: My style is indescribable . It has no direction , and it isn’t easily identifiable . That’s where the name “JayneDo” come from.

Q:What are your favorite trends this season?
A: Peplum , Jerseys and Neon. Metallics , overalls and leather is also a favorite of mine .

Q:What trend would you like to see go?
A: Spandex dresses, I wish they were gone like yesterday. They’re very cheap looking and everyone wears them for every thing.

Q:What items do you slurge on?
A: Hmmmm. I used to splurge heavily on blazers, they’re still my weakness now .. but as of lately I’ve been so attentive to work and my clients, I haven’t had the time yet to splurge on myself. But when I do shop, I probably spend a lot on shoes.

Q:What is your most favorite outfit that you have worn?
A: My favorite outfit .. that’s a tough one . I have the boxing pants, they’re neon greens and blues and they came from the 80’s, they look like something Will Smith would wear. I wish I could wear them everyday, but I can’t. lol
I wore it with a white tank, and glitter platforms .

Here are some pictures of JayneDo, her work and her website:
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I had a lot of fun preparing this interview and blog post. I am an aspiring stylist so I always get excited when I meet a stylist with experience. I hope you enjoyed reading about her and don’d forget to check out her website