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Who doesn’t love big bold jewelry ?♡ I recently started forming a habit of wearing big bold statement jewerly. It really adds a lot to a simple outfit. I know not everyone is a jewerly wearer but I have to say I am loving this trend!! The first picture is some of my most recently favorites and I also included some pictures of celebs and street style.

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my view this morning ♡ It’s 10:43am and I’m just sitting in my bed listening to music and reading my favorite blogs and ready magazines. (the life) (but not really). I like reading older magazines because it gives me fashion inspiration even though the trends have passed..but who says we have to keep up with all the current trends!? has to be my favorite blog! (Ambrosia is an AZ based Designer & YouTube Guru) She is just simply amazing and has the most wonderful hair!! She’s one of my many inspirations!! (go check out her blog). I’m sitting in my bed with my blinds cracked open because I’m expecting a package with my two new prescription glasses in them but they have yet to come and it’s killing me ;( As soon as I get them I’ll make sure to post a pic!

Hope y’all are having an amazing day. xoxo Jessica

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CAMO PRINT LOVE♡ If you in any way keep up with the current fashion trends you would know that camo is definitely in! In shorts, pants, crops tops, tshirts, etc. I didn’t really realize how much of this current trend I had till I pulled everything out that was camo. I really like this trend because I feel like you can really do a lot with it and mix different prints with it. I’m especially going to love this trend even more in the fall time, because I will be able to wear my camo jacket more. Right now it’s summer so it’s kinda tucked away! I found some pictures of street style an celebrity style with camo! Hope you enjoy.

tumblr_mn08t13NNZ1srqa7mo1_500 camo-print-how-to-wear1 camo-street-style1 Celebrities-Love-Camouflage-Jackets


What do you think about the camo trend? Love it or leave it?



A lot of people ask me where I get my fashion inspirations from, and honestly one of the main places is a wonderful app called INSTAGAM. If you do not have one then you need to jump on that bandwagon asap! Anyways, I follow a lot of fashion bloggers, stylists, models and just regular people who love fashion. Whenever I see a girl with bomb style, I quickly click that follow button then I proceed to creep through the rest of their pictures! I put together some of my favorite instagramers that I follow. If I could have included all of them, I totally would have.