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NEW GLASSES ♡ via  !!! I was skeptical at first when I heard of this website ( I don’t even remember how I heard of it). This site has hundreds of glasses for you to choose from (prescription and non-prescription). In my case, since I’m basically blind, I have to have prescription glasses. I decided to start wearing glasses again because my contacts have been giving me trouble for the last couple of weeks. I even suffered from “pink eye”. It has horrible! Besides glasses can be an extra accessory to my outfits 😉 I absolutely 100% recommend this website if you’re looking for inexpensive and stylish frames!

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A lot of people ask me where I get my fashion inspirations from, and honestly one of the main places is a wonderful app called INSTAGAM. If you do not have one then you need to jump on that bandwagon asap! Anyways, I follow a lot of fashion bloggers, stylists, models and just regular people who love fashion. Whenever I see a girl with bomb style, I quickly click that follow button then I proceed to creep through the rest of their pictures! I put together some of my favorite instagramers that I follow. If I could have included all of them, I totally would have.