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my view this morning ♡ It’s 10:43am and I’m just sitting in my bed listening to music and reading my favorite blogs and ready magazines. (the life) (but not really). I like reading older magazines because it gives me fashion inspiration even though the trends have passed..but who says we have to keep up with all the current trends!? has to be my favorite blog! (Ambrosia is an AZ based Designer & YouTube Guru) She is just simply amazing and has the most wonderful hair!! She’s one of my many inspirations!! (go check out her blog). I’m sitting in my bed with my blinds cracked open because I’m expecting a package with my two new prescription glasses in them but they have yet to come and it’s killing me ;( As soon as I get them I’ll make sure to post a pic!

Hope y’all are having an amazing day. xoxo Jessica

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