Who doesn’t love big bold jewelry ?♡ I recently started forming a habit of wearing big bold statement jewerly. It really adds a lot to a simple outfit. I know not everyone is a jewerly wearer but I have to say I am loving this trend!! The first picture is some of my most recently favorites and I also included some pictures of celebs and street style.

tumblr_mnb2fpaw3w1srqa7mo2_1280 springsummer-2013-jewelry-trend-statement-necklace Statement-Necklaces-Jewelry-Trend-2011-Three kendra-scott-talks-how-to-wear-statement-jewelry-with-The-Thread-blog-1



CAMO PRINT LOVE♡ If you in any way keep up with the current fashion trends you would know that camo is definitely in! In shorts, pants, crops tops, tshirts, etc. I didn’t really realize how much of this current trend I had till I pulled everything out that was camo. I really like this trend because I feel like you can really do a lot with it and mix different prints with it. I’m especially going to love this trend even more in the fall time, because I will be able to wear my camo jacket more. Right now it’s summer so it’s kinda tucked away! I found some pictures of street style an celebrity style with camo! Hope you enjoy.

tumblr_mn08t13NNZ1srqa7mo1_500 camo-print-how-to-wear1 camo-street-style1 Celebrities-Love-Camouflage-Jackets


What do you think about the camo trend? Love it or leave it?