Outfit of the Day


Hey Dolls♡ Today is Sunday, finally time to sit back and relax, even though it seems like I do that everyday! Oh well! I am so happy about the progress that my blog is making! I decided to switch my blogging platform back over to wordpress yesterday. I got over 50 views and over 30 likes! I was too excited. I see big things in the future ;)!!! Thank you all that commented and liked and checked out my blog. I smile each time I see the numbers go up! I love sharing my love for fashion and beauty with other people! If y’all ever have any specific things that you want me to write about , feel free to comment on one of my pictures or you can email me. I hope yall all have an amazing rest of the weekend!

Here is my outfit of the day for the rest of the day. I was wearing a high waisted skirt earlier but I changed. Today, this guy told me I look like I work at nickalodeon! I didn’t know how to feel about that but I just took the “compliment” after he told me my outfit was interesting.








Today is really hot. I didn’t realize how hot it gets in the spring time. Despite it being hot, I still love to layer. I’m probably most likely gonna layer no matter what season it is. I wanted to style my new camo jacket today so i went through my closet and put random pieces together till I found the outfit I liked. I can definitely see SO MANY outfits with this camo jacket! I decided to pair it with my distressed high waisted shorts that I made myself along with a tie die fushia crop top. As you probably already know crop tops are one of the #1 summer must haves for 2013. I LOVE this outfit so much. It’s really simple but at the same time different and unique. (Life UPDATE) My cousin might be coming over this weekend to spend the week with us. It should be fun, especially since she’s bringing her adorable baby. Because she’s coming, that means I have to clean (wahh!!!) I had a second job interview today which I think went pretty well and I really hope I get the job (fingers still crossed). I hope y’all are having an amazing day and leave a comment about what y’all are up to this weeked.