skater skirts
One of my favorite trends this season is def. the skater skirts!! There are so many different styles along with so many different ways to wear them! Since I mostly wear maxi skirts I decided to only purchase one skater skirt to make sure I would wear it. I got a denim one so I could wear it with a lot of outfits. I’ve only worn it two times and I’m still thinking of different outfits I can pair it with. Meanwhile here are some pictures I found while browsing the internet. I love these outfits and I might actually try to re-create some of the looks!
39a4e010758d651556f773835b05e4177ec936e6_600 7595079224_507ed80b3c_z 7772463548_7b44bf11ae_b DSCF0546 how they wear skater skirts 2 how they wear skater skirts how-to-wear-an-a-line-skirt-06 how-to-wear-an-a-line-skirt-07 how-to-wear-an-a-line-skirt-main melty heart- skater skirt dress wengie9

One response

  1. This is definitely a trend that I am a fan of 🙂 I love how people of all shapes and sizes can pull it off and still look amazing!

    July 2, 2013 at 6:04 am


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